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Vector controller card (VECC-D00V3)

• Full configuration of gate opening parameters, including independent gate opening and closing speeds, rampup and ramp-down distances and end-of-travel crawl distance
• Automatic Closing with adjustable time, pushbutton override and selectable according to gate status
• Selectable leaf delay on either gate leaf
• Advanced Positive Close Mode ensuring the gate remains closed in a secure, rigid position
• Multiple Operating Profiles to suit region of installation – select between ZA, CE, etc.
• Pedestrian Opening (adjustable opening and Autoclose time)
• Remote Gate Status Indicator (gate position, power failure, low battery, multiple collision detection and Pillar Light status indication)
• Courtesy/Pillar Light Timer with adjustable time)
• Fully configurable pre-delays with Pre-flashing Modes
• Opening and Closing Safety Beam inputs with beam circuit functional test
• High-security cleared-beam Autoclose in conjunction with Safety Beams (PIRAC)
• Break-in and Ambush Alarms (a world first) with configurable outputs via onboard buzzer, Pillar Light Relay, etc.
• Free-exit facility
• Advanced solenoid or magnetic gate-lock release pulse